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Serve Up The Catch of the Day

At last, the time has come for warm, breathtaking sunsets and succulent summer seafood from Alaska, Washington and Oregon: tender salmon, decadent crab cakes, sweet rockfish and Weathervane scallops. Invite some good friends over, fire up the grill (or skillet) and soak up the season while it lasts.


Bristol Bay photo credit: Bob Waldrop–BB-RSDA

Sustainable Seafood

From some of the best sources in the Pacific Northwest. Our seafood is 100% sustainable as rated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

Copper River Sockeye Salmon (Alaska)

Fresh runs: May–June

Icy pure and pristine waters—the rugged landscape of the Copper River creates an environment perfectly suited for Copper River Salmon to develop their renowned flavor and large reserve of heart-healthy Omega-3 oil.

Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon (Alaska)

Fresh runs: late July–early August

Located in southwest Alaska, Bristol Bay is home to the world’s largest sockeye fishery. Bristol Bay sockeye salmon is renowned for its superior taste and texture and has an appealing, rich, natural red color.

Lummi Island Wild Reefnet Salmon (Washington)

Fresh runs: July–August

A Northwest tradition—wild Pacific salmon reefnet fishing has been practiced for centuries by Native American tribes using cedar canoes and cedar nets. Though boats have gotten bigger and solar-powered winches are now used, this sustainable method has remained fundamentally unchanged.

Weathervane Scallops (Gulf of Alaska)

Available all year

Caught in the wild with full focus on sustainability, Weathervane scallops are rapidly shucked, cleaned and frozen within a few short hours of landing on the deck.

Dusky Rockfish (Alaska)

Season: early June

Sustainably caught using the best fishing practices for three generations by the Cochran family, rockfish caught in our western waters has a sweet, mild flavor with a flaky texture.



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