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Our Very Own Kulshan Sockeye Salmon

Our Very Own Kulshan Sockeye Salmon

kulshan-salmon-roddy300x300From the very best sources in the Pacific Northwest, our wild Kulshan Sockeye Salmon is sustainably caught off the coast of Kodiak Island in Alaska. The Sockeye from this run is delivered to Haggen by Ocean Beauty Seafoods, who works directly with Kodiak fishermen like Robert McDonnell, otherwise known as Captain Roddy, a Bellingham native who has been fishing for more than 40 years. McDonnell captains the Kulshan, named after Mt. Baker.

Just-caught, fresh salmon is a signature of summer, but that doesn’t mean high quality salmon can’t be enjoyed year round. At Haggen, we have an assortment of frozen fish perfect for a party appetizer or a warm bowl of chowder. This time of year when fresh Sockeye is not available, our frozen Kulshan Sockeye fillets are a great alternative since it was frozen at the peak of the season to lock in premium flavor. And cooking frozen sockeye is a breeze. Just brush fillets with the marinade of your choice and broil fillets until tops are charred (about 12 minutes). Cover with foil and broil an additional 15 minutes or until desired doneness.

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