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Woodinville Whiskey Co.

Grade A Maple Syrup Aged in Woodinville Whiskey Barrels

Whiskey Barrel Aged Grade A Dark Amber Maple Syrup

Imagine bourbon barrels filled with grade A dark amber maple syrup, which ages it in the vanilla, caramel, wood spice and whiskey flavors from the barrel. Orlin Sorenson and Brett Carlile’s mouthwatering maple syrup is delicious on everything from your favorite breakfast foods to ice cream.

Orlin Sorensen and Brett Carlile create pure grade A dark amber maple syrup, 100% U.S. made, barrel aged in freshly emptied Woodinville Whiskey barrels. After they empty their bourbon barrels for their Woodinville Whiskey they refill them with grade A dark amber maple syrup that is harvested in the eastern United States and age it for 3-4 months. The syrup absorbs all the great flavors from the barrel: vanilla, caramel, wood spice and best of all, a hint of whiskey!

As whiskey distillers, they never dreamed they would be making maple syrup too. Combining the barrels from their 100% Washington-made whiskey with pure, grade A maple syrup harvested from the sugarbush of the eastern United States is simply a match made in heaven… and breakfast will never be the same.

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