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Ostrom Mushroom Farms

Olympia, WA

The forests of the Pacific Northwest are home to an amazing variety of wild mushrooms with magical names like Scaly Hedgehog, Fairy Ring, Lion’s Mane and Horn of Plenty. Since 1928 Ostrom’s Mushrooms, an Olympia based and family-run business, has been providing mushroom lovers of the Pacific Northwest with the finest and freshest selection of edible mushrooms available. With a team of 250 growers, pickers and packers, Ostrom’s mushrooms are handpicked daily, vacuum cooled for longer shelf life and on the road to stores within hours of harvesting.

Because of their woodsy smells, earthy flavors and intriguing shapes and colors, these amazing edible fungi are prized for their culinary versatility and for their health benefits. Mushrooms are a particularly good source of B-complex vitamins and vitamin D. With so much flavor, freshness and healthy benefit, it’s no wonder people in the Pacific Northwest eat over 13 million pounds of Ostrom’s mushrooms every year!

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