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Lummi Island Wild

Sustainable, reefnet-caught salmon

Sustainable, Solar Powered & Superior Salmon

Lummi Island Wild offers the world’s most sustainably harvested wild salmon products. They’re proudly dedicated to reefnet fishing, a harvesting method practiced by the native tribes of the northwest for over 1,000 years. They’re the world’s only solar powered commercial fishery.

Nestled in the bay, Lummi Island Wild (a co-op of 4 reefnet gears) operates with the mission to bring great tasting, wild salmon to market through solar powered boats, virtually zero bycatch and without disturbing the ocean with noise or air—making them one of the 11 greenest fisheries on earth. As the salmon prepare for the 1,500 mile journey to spawn, they’ve stored some the highest amounts of healthy Omega-3 fats—making for the most delicious fish around.

The practice of reefnetting requires a system of stationary nets that mimic a natural reef, funneling a school of fish into the net. When the salmon crest the artificial reef, the fishmermen activate their winch which pulls in the net. The salmon are guided into a live well where they’re kept alive until processing—an important step in ensuring a remarkably fresh fish. Their time in the live well also allows bitter lactic acid that builds up during stress to leave their body which results in a sweet flavor and any unwanted bycatch can be safely returned to the ocean unharmed. Through this practice, the salmon and the sea are shown the respect they deserve.

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