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Double R Ranch Beef

Loomis, WA

Double R Ranch Beef

Double R Ranch beef is produced in the heart of the Northwest. The ranch sits on over 100,000 pristine acres in north-central Washington. Double R Ranch is renowned for raising exceptional cattle, and its commitment to animal well-being, environmental stewardship and the recycling of resources is a model of sustainable beef production.

The Double R ranchers take great pride in the beef that they produce, and only the best beef meets the exacting criteria required to carry the Double R Ranch name. All Double R Ranch Northwest Beef is hand-sorted and includes only USDA “Choice” quality grade and higher. Double R Ranch Northwest Beef offers a unique 3-tiered grading system that ensures consistently great-tasting beef all year round.

3-Tiered Grading System

Prime – USDA Prime The top of the marbling scale (Slightly Abundant 00 – Abundant 100 marbling)
Signature – USDA Choice (Top 1/3) The highest quality USDA certified Choice program in the nation (Moderate 00 – Moderate 100 marbling)
Choice – USDA Choice The middle tier of the Choice marbling scale (Small 00 – Modest 100 marbling)

DoubleR-Herding450x300Environmental Sustainability

The folks at Double R Ranch recognize that they have a responsibility to sustain and protect the ranch’s own natural resources. Their efforts are focused on reducing its carbon footprint through aggressive local crop sourcing and an efficient composting program. They’re proactive in their environmental preservation practices, including effective grazing rotations and riparian restoration to keep the land healthy.

  • Locally produced feed
  • Renewable hydroelectricity
  • Naturally composted fertilizer provided to local farmers
  • Grazing rotation
  • Riparian restoration

Animal Welfare

A respect for animal well-being is at the heart of Double R Ranch. They adhere to strict animal welfare policies ensuring proper care and handling of all animals throughout its supply chain. These high standards were developed in collaboration with leading industry experts like Dr. Temple Grandin, and are documented and continually updated to reflect the most proactive policies.