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Broetje Orchards

Prescott, WA

Ralph and Cheryl Broetje grow way more than delicious apples. More than half of their profits go to support their employees in the form of youth programs, housing and leadership training. The Broetjes’ commitment to providing real opportunities for their employees fosters a workforce dedicated to growing and packing the very best apples in Washington. 

Why do we get so excited about apples from Broetje Orchards? The Broetjes are committed to making sure that every acre of their Prescott, Washington, orchard contributes positively to their people and the planet, using sustainable farming methods and investing in the success of each employee. And, because they pick, pack and ship right on site, their fruit travels less, reducing fuel costs and damage to the fruit.

When you eat a Broetje apple, know that with every bite you’re part of the cycle of good, supporting the workers and farmers who bring these gems of the apple kingdom to you.

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