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Fabulous Feasting for the Holidays

Fabulous Feasting for the Holidays

Our meat department is filled with holiday worthy roasts and spiral hams for your gathering. Browse our meat counter and ask our knowledgeable meat specialists about their favorite cuts and cooking suggestions. Visit our Meat Department webpage for more info about all our fresh beef, pork, poultry and lamb. Call your neighborhood Haggen or visit our meat counter today to pre-order one of these savory roasts for your holiday table.

The Haggen Ultimate Holiday Roast

(Pictured right)
Introducing our new Ultimate Holiday Roast! This USDA Prime Double R Ranch beef roast is seasoned to perfection with our legendary dry rub and fresh herbs, hand-trimmed and tied, and ready to pop in the oven. Juicy, tender and flavorful, this roast makes a perfect centerpiece for your holiday meal. This season treat your family to the finest beef roast available. Stop by the meat department to pick up or pre-order yours today!


golden-loin400x300Golden Lion Style Standing Rib Roast

(Pictured left)
This holiday classic combines incredible tenderness with rich flavors. Our in-store butchers make preparation effortless by trimming and tying this tender USDA Choice roast for easy carving with bone-in flavor. Simply season, roast and enjoy!

New York Roast

Flavorful and easy to slice, the New York Roast is a USDA Choice grade boneless lean cut with just the right amount of marbling. Season with gourmet sea salt (we have a great selection) and fresh ground pepper, then sear to lock in the juices. Sprinkle with fresh herbs before roasting to add a burst of bright flavor.

spiral-ham400x300The Northwest’s Best Ham

The Hempler family continues their long tradition of producing the best ham in the Pacific Northwest, putting the same quality, pride and care into all their products that Hans Hempler brought with him from Germany back in 1928. Using old family recipes, meats are slowly cured, cooked and smoked over hardwoods. The entire line of products is free of allergens, gluten and MSG. Whether it’s applewood smoked bacon for your breakfast on the weekend, or a spiral sliced gourmet ham for your holiday dinner, Hempler’s meats are star performers at any meal.