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The Deep Passion Behind Fishpeople

The Deep Passion Behind Fishpeople

Merging locally sourced, sustainable seafood with handcrafted recipes by their own elite “Flavor Council” in a convenient, easy-to-cook poaching pouch puts Fishpeople of Portland, Oregon, in the seafood sweet spot. Meeting environmental, flavor and convenience standards is challenge enough, but doing it all so well is an ode to Fishpeople CEO Duncan Berry’s passion for healing the ocean’s damaged ecosystem. Duncan’s passion started at age 13 while fishing in the Columbia River, where he had the realization that our healthiest world is one that follows the traditional hunting and gathering of the local bounty that has nourished the human race for thousands of years. 

Fishpeople seafood soups and entrees only source seafood from the seven species in our waters that are sustainable—meaning the species’ population is at a healthy, stable quantity. All of the ingredients packed into the pouches are traceable via the code on the back of each package, right down to the spices and veggies from neighboring farms. This kind of genuine transparency is hard to find and even harder to achieve, but Duncan and his team emphasize the importance of a healthy supply chain for the prosperity of their business, their suppliers and most importantly, the planet. 

Screenshot of Fishpeople’s “Track Your Pouch” feature that provides descriptions for all their ingredient suppliers.

The poaching pouch makes it simple to create healthy, flavorful seafood meals in 3-5 minutes. Cooking the ingredients in the sealed pouch releases flavors while keeping cooking odors low. Duncan notes that avid hikers, hunters, fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts rave about their products because of their ease of use, ability to remain shelf-stable and the fantastic source of protein. 

They currently have two coconut and two dairy based entrees, including Albacore Tuna in Yellow Coconut Curry, Albacore Tuna in Thai Coconut Lemongrass, Chinook Salmon in a Chardonnay Reduction Sauce and Chinook Salmon & Sea Shell Pasta in a Wild Mushroom Sauce, along with five seafood soup options—Seafood Chili Blanco, Coconut Red Curry Seafood Bisque, Dungeness Crab & Pink Shrimp Bisque, Creamy Razor Clam and Bacon Chowder and Alder Smoked Wild Salmon Chowder. All of Fishpeople’s entrees can be found in our stores next to the boxed dinners and their bisques and chowders are in our natural soup department. 

Why not stir up your next weekend breakfast with a little Eggs Poseidon with Fishpeople’s Chinook Salmon in a Chardonnay Reduction Sauce? Gourmet in under 10 minutes.

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Eggs Poseidon courtesy of Fishpeople.com