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Our Local Bounty

Haggen has developed the largest network of organic farmers across the Pacific Northwest to supply our stores with the most abundant, fresh, nutrient-rich selection of seasonal produce. Today more than 50 local organic farms participate in a program that creates a bustling daily farmers market in all our stores, bringing you and your family the best of the season. Farm Fresh Food: Just one more way Haggen is committed to supporting local communities across the Pacific Northwest.

What new organic produce will you discover? While the quality of produce from our organic farmers is unsurpassed, it’s the passion and determination of these small farms that inspires us everyday. We invite you to meet the farmers who grow your greens, the orchardists who nurture your fruit, the workers who plant each seed and the network of passionate individuals who bring your produce to market.


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Tim Terpstra & Ray DeVries

Ralph’s Greenhouse

Mount Vernon, Washington

In 1980, Ralph de Vries retired from dairy farming and started a big garden free of herbicides and pesticides because, as he said, “We didn’t use them in the Old Country!” Ralph’s son Ray stepped up in 1988 to continue the family’s farming tradition providing Haggen with an assortment of fresh–picked greens and vegetables all season long. Ray has always kept his farming organic because according to his dad “organic farming used to just be called farming”.



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John Schols

Schols’ Organic Farm

Olympia, Washington

John farms 40 picturesque acres in the Nisqually River Valley on his family’s fertile former dairy farm. Born and raised in the valley he now farms, John knows first hand the hard work that goes into farming and his determination is evident in his impeccably straights rows of leafy organic greens.



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Blair McHenry

Dominion Organics

Ferndale, Washington

For the past 8 years, Blair McHenry has been growing organic greenhouse grown vegetables in Ferndale. His passion for small organic farms has encouraged others to follow in his footsteps and he’s had the opportunity to help many other organic farmers in Whatcom County bring their farming dreams to fruition. 



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Jeff Miller

Willie Green’s Organic Farm

Monroe, Washington

Down in the fertile flood plain of the Tualco Valley just outside Monroe, Washington, Willie Green’s Organic Farm thrives on a micro-climate of misty cool mornings and sunny warm summer days which nourish the mineral-rich river bottom land. Originally a chef in California, Jeff Miller was enamored with the quality and flavor of fresh greens grown in this unique environment.



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Calcagno Family

Cal Farm

Clackamas, Oregon

The Calcagno family farms fresh vegetables grown along the fertile banks of the Clackamas and Willamette Rivers. Cal Farms believes in a holistic understanding of agricultural production by pulling all aspects of production including safe working conditions, and soil and water conservation. Their sustainable practices reduces inputs, soil building and erosion reduction by using cover crops and conserving farm habitat to encourage beneficial insect populations.


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