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Fresh, Local Living Lettuce

Fresh, Local Living Lettuce

We think fresh, locally grown lettuce should be available all year long. That’s why we are excited to offer three varieties of crisp living lettuce that’s greenhouse grown in Mount Vernon, Washington, including Red Oak Leaf, Green Oak Leaf and Red Butterhead. Our partners at Northwest Horticulture grow our living lettuce using deep water hydroponics. By using water instead of soil to grow our lettuce, 90% less water is used than traditional farming since the water is recycled and circulated through the hydroponic system. 

Living lettuce keeps its root intact which means it’s still alive when you bring it home. Keeping the lettuce alive and thriving makes for a sweet and flavorful leaf and since it’s grown without soil, its leaves are clean and free of dirt. Our living lettuce is available at all Whatcom and Skagit stores this week and being delivered to our Marysville, Lake Stevens, Stanwood, Snohomish and Woodinville stores next week.

We love using our handy lettuce cutter to make instant salad. Watch Tori, one of the living lettuce growers, demonstrate how quick and easy it is to make a fresh, local salad. Find this lettuce cutter in stores next to our living lettuce.