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Olive Oil & Vinegar Tasting

Olive oil and vinegar—who says they don’t mix? There’s nothing like a flavorful, premium olive oil with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar on a slice of dense, crusty bread. But with the enormous selection of olive oils and vinegars on Haggen shelves, it can be tough to know which ones to choose. We’re here to help!


Don’t rely on the color. Darker olive oil isn’t necessarily better-quality, but it will be stronger in flavor. A golden color often indicates a nutty, mellow, buttery taste, great for dipping, and greenish olive oils can taste bright and grassy, best on a salad. These flavors are greatly diminished with heat, so don’t use your prized bottle for cooking—save it for dressing salads and cooked pasta, or as a dip.


Originally from Italy, balsamic vinegar is made from grape juice, and the quality will depend on the origin and age of the product. It ranges from top-of-the-line bottles labeled with the word “Tradizionale” to commercial-grade vinegar used in blends and recipes, with a wide variety of choices in between.

Other wine vinegars provide a lighter option for dressing salads or marinades.


1. Masserie di Sant’Eramo EVOO
Cold-pressed to keep acidity low and bottled in dark glass to protect it from light and safeguard its nutritional benefits, this one has a true fresh olive flavor.

2. Paesano Organic EVOO
A great finishing oil made with certified organic olives. It’s unfiltered, resulting in a full-bodied oil with a unique green color and spicy, herbaceous flavor.

3. De Nigris, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
Made with Italian grapes, this is a good go-to vinegar to use as an everyday condiment.

4. Lucini Pinot Grigio vinegar
Crisp and dry with aged oak flavor, great for deglazing sauces or marinating meats.

5. Lucini Premium Select EVOO
Green and full-bodied with a peppery finish, this award-winner is made with 100% Italian olives, low in acid, certified non-GMO and Kosher.

6. No. 1 Lorenzo EVOO (Cerasuola)
Made with organic Sicilian olives, this fragrant oil has a strong personality and is best featured in dishes where you want a true olive oil flavor. .

7. Lambrusco Red Wine Vinegar
Full-bodied with complex flavor, this is perfectly suited for meat dishes, marinades and salad dressings..

8. Séka Hills Balsamic Vinegar Elderberry
Rich, dark berries add bold notes to any vinaigrette or marinade, but this vinegar really shines when drizzled over your favorite dessert or cheese.

9. Ritrovo Selection Organic Balsamic
Made with USDA certified organic Lambrusco grapes, its low acid makes it pair well with everything from strawberries to Parmesan.

10. Badia a Coltibuono
Organic olives are cold-pressed just after harvest to keep the acidity to a minimum and let the flavor shine through. Enjoy this with a drizzle of balsamic on fresh bread.

11. Séka Hills EVOO Arbequina
Made with California olives, this is a delicious, high-quality everyday olive oil suitable for all of your favorite recipes.

12. Elsa Aged Balsamic Vinegar
Aromatic with a rich, velvety brown color, this is a well-balanced condiment is both sweet and sour, ideal for grilling meats or vegetables, or as a dip.

Photography by Katheryn Moran Photography
Shot on location at Anderson Acres, Bellingham, WA
Table rental by Rustic Events Rentals, Sedro Woolley, WA


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