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Fresh Winter Citrus

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Oranges and seasonal speciality citrus are freshest in the winter months

When days are short, temperatures are cold, and the weather is wet, citrus fruit can be a juicy, sweet reminder of sunnier times. Winter citrus is at its peak from December to April and you’ll find a wonderful selection of citrus in the Haggen produce department, including Heirloom Navels and Sumo Mandarins. But that’s just the beginning! Satsumas, Clementines, Cara Cara oranges, Blood oranges, Minneolas, grapefruit and specialty citrus such as Buddha’s Hand and pink lemons are fresh and available for the limited season*.

*Citrus availability subject to weather conditions and seasonal availability.




Heirloom Navel Oranges

Characteristics– Sweet, segmented, seedless and rich with juices.
In Season– mid November thru mid May


Sumo Citrus

Characteristics– A cross between an orange and a tangerine. Super sweet taste, seedless.
In Season–Late winter thru spring



Characteristics– Easy to peel with a rich, intense colored flesh. Perfect to peel and eat out of hand.
In Season–November thru December



Characteristics– Easy to peel, sweet and juicy healthy treat.
In Season– November thru March


Blood Oranges

Characteristics–Deep burgundy flesh with a range of flavors from sweet to tart with berry overtones. Eat fresh or squeeze juice into sauces and glazes.
In Season–mid December thru March


Cara Cara Oranges

Characteristics– Sweet taste with spicy tang, overtones of raspberry and strawberry and virtually seedless. Eat fresh out of hand or add juice to sauces.
In Season– December thru April



Characteristics– A cross between a grapefruit and tangerine with a distinctively shaped neck. The tart, honey flavored juice is delicious on its own or mixed with other citrus juices.
In Season– January thru April


Buddha’s Hand Citron

Characteristics–Highly fragrant. The long segments contain virtually no juice or pulp for a perfect alternative to lemon zest. Use in savory dishes, marinades, salads and desserts.
In Season– September thru December


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