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Wild American Shrimp

Wild American Shrimp

Straight from American Docks to Your Table

Wild American shrimp are a favorite at top American restaurants. And no wonder! Harvested in coastal regions, the unique mixture of fresh and salt water results in shrimp that are succulently sweet. Now you can bring this fresh, flavorful catch home for the holidays. Our shrimp are caught, processed, packed, bought and sold in the United States.

With a delicious taste and firm texture, our wild American shrimp make a perfect appetizer. Try our Rosemary Shrimp Skewers with Cranberry, Jalapeño and Orange Glaze, a signature recipe created by Chef Bryan. Or delight guests with a flavorful shrimp cocktail made with large, succulent shrimp that are simply the best available. Serve with our own zesty signature cocktail sauce.