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Northwest Salmon

Northwest Salmon

A traditional northwest favorite

Salmon can be enjoyed in many different ways—baked, broiled, pan-fried, grilled or smoked— and its flavor is enhanced with a simple seasoned rub or olive oil with fresh herbs. Simplicity is the key to allowing the flavor of the fish to shine forth.

At Haggen, we are committed to finding the best quality salmon and supporting local businesses and sustainable food systems— that’s why we’re proud to partner with fishers like Lummi Island Wild.


Lummi Island Wild

Lummi Island Wild shares our same values. Nothing short of exceptional, Lummi Island Wild’s salmon is caught using a traditional Native American fishing technique known as reef netting, or other equally sustainable and gentle fishing methods. The fish are carefully caught in Legoe Bay en route to their spawning grounds in the Fraser River. This gentle process ensures the salmon are not bruised, which can adversely affect flavor. The result is salmon that is fantastically flavorful and fresh. 

In the Northwest, we love salmon! And during the holidays, smoked salmon is a particular favorite and an easy, delicious addition to holiday entertaining menus. The Lummi Island Wild smoking process involves four simple, all natural ingredients: wild salmon, salt, brown sugar, and natural wood smoke. Sockeye smoked salmon fillets, low sodium pink smoked salmon fillets and new pink salmon candy are available in all our Haggen stores. For salmon lovers across the region Lummi Island Wild fresh and smoked salmon is a discovery to celebrate and enjoy year round.