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Local Shellfish

Local Shellfish

from our local waters

We have a wide variety of clams, mussels, oysters and scallops to satisfy even the most experienced Northwest seafood connoisseur. We scour our local Pacific waters looking for freshest shellfish possible. Visit our Seafood Case to learn more about the fresh, local shellfish we have available today!

Elkhorn Oysters

These rustic looking oysters have black & white speckled shells with shades of green that are grown in a process called “Intertidal Beach Cultured Oyster.” This means they are grown on the beach in a natural environment. The advantage of this process is they are accustomed to real life conditions such as tides and predators. This type of life causes them to be a very hearty oyster with hard sturdy shells that make them easier to shuck. This also gives them the ability to close very tightly which protects them from losing their nectar and have a longer shelf life.

Tasting notes: Firm meat with a high brininess, sweet flavor and a melon finish.

Penn Cove Shellfish

Since 1975, Penn Cove Shellfish have been farming mussels in the icy waters off the coast of Whidbey Island, Washington. Penn Cove Mussels are native to the Puget Sound and are harvested only once they’ve been ordered to ensure the freshest oysters possible.