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Fresh Lobster & Crab

Fresh Lobster & Crab

Sustainably Sourced Crab and Lobster

We’re proud to offer sustainably caught Alaskan King, Alaskan Snow, Rock and Dungeness crab to ensure a great variety of choices for your summer crab feast. We also have Maine lobster 4 oz tails at an every day low price with the option to order any size lobster (cooked, raw or live) for that special occasion. Our lobster or crab is the perfect addition to a Double R Ranch steak for a spectacular surf n’ turf dinner.

Alaskan King Crab Legs


Add a smoky element to your Red King crab by grilling it until the shells are slightly charred and meat is just heated through. They are already cooked so watch them closely, but about 8 mins should do the trick. Serve with butter and a lemon slice to add a citrus kick.

Haggen Legendary Crab Cakes


Our Legendary Crab Cakes are made fresh in-store with rock crab, fresh garlic, grated parmesan, goat horn peppers, capers, cilantro and green onions and breaded with our own Haggen crostinis ground into bread crumbs from our Bakery. They’re great as a Crab Louie salad or use in place of ham for sea-inspired Eggs Benedict.