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Fresh Lobster & Crab

Ocean Fresh Dungeness Crab & Lobster

We’re proud to offer our guests freshly caught crab and Atlantic lobster in our Seafood Case. Our lobster or crab is the perfect addition to a Double R Ranch steak for a spectacular surf n’ turf dinner.

Northwest Dungeness Crab

The renowned Dungeness Crab season begins in Washington in October each year and supplies our region with the freshest crab during Fall and Winter. Dungeness crab has a sweet, mild and slightly nutty taste. Ask your Haggen Seafood Specialist about their favorite way to prepare this Northwest delicacy.

crab cakes_web images-03Haggen Legendary Crab Cakes

Our Legendary Crab Cakes are made fresh in-store with a mix of Dungeness and Jonah crab, fresh garlic, grated parmesan, goat horn peppers, capers, cilantro and green onions and breaded with our own Haggen crostinis ground into bread crumbs from our Bakery. They’re great as a Crab Louie salad or use in place of ham for sea-inspired Eggs Benedict.