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Fresh Seafood

Fresh from our Ocean

Many of our stores are surrounded by an abundance of freshly caught seafood. The variety lures every type of seafood lover to our shores. Our fishing partners work hard to pull in the best seafood that the icy cold waters of the Pacific Ocean have to offer. Stop in and chat with our knowledgeable seafood specialists, and learn where tonight’s dinner was caught. We’ll happily cut and fillet any of our whole fish for you. Find out what’s fresh this week!

salmon_featurePacific Salmon

We love salmon! Whether it’s fresh or smoked, our seafood counter is stocked with delicious salmon from our icy Pacific waters.

 crab lobster_featureFresh Lobster & Crab

Enjoy our ocean fresh assortment of Dungeness crab and lobster. If it’s an easy meal your after, try our Legendary Crab Cakes made fresh in our store and ready to cook.

shellfish_featureLocal Shellfish

We search the Pacific for the very freshest selection of shellfish. We take pride in our partnerships with local seafood companies who share our passion of sustainability. Visit our Seafood Case to find out about our weekly catch.

shrimp_featureWild American Shrimp

Wild American Shrimp are a particular favorite. These succulent shrimp, harvested from coastal regions where salt and fresh waters combine, are deliciously sweet and flavorful.