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Sustainable Northwest Beef

DoubleR-Kent-Clark-Horse600x800Sustainably Sourced, Low Carbon Footprint Beef

Double R Ranch beef is produced in the heart of the Northwest. The ranch sits on over 100,000 pristine acres in north-central Washington. Double R Ranch is renowned for raising exceptional cattle, and its commitment to animal well-being, environmental stewardship and the recycling of resources is a model of sustainable beef production. Learn more about our 3-Tier Grading System and commitment to environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

Organic & Grass Fed Beef 

Bartels Farms, in Eugene, Oregon, has been raising happy cows for over 115 years. They emphasize a farm-to-table model, which means they achieve 100% full traceability and oversee every step along the way from nurturing and raising the cattle to delivering quality beef to your table.  All their beef is always free of gluten and GMOs, and raised without antibiotics, added growth hormones or artificial ingredients. Their Certified Organic Angus Beef is both Oregon Tilth Certified and USDA Certified Organic and fed a 100% organic diet.

Their Grass Fed Beef is 100% grass fed, all natural beef humanely raised on sustainable ranches in Oregon. And you can be confidant where your beef is coming from since its source and traceability verified, and Angus Heritage Verified with DNA testing.