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Fresh, local, responsibly raised

Haggen’s Meat Department is dedicated to serving fresh, local, sustainably raised beef, pork and poultry. Working with local ranchers lessens our carbon impact. Plus, it ensures we know them and their practices on a deeper level, so you get the freshest, healthiest meat possible.

Some of the most memorable gatherings happen around great meals and our butchers are proud of the role they play in that. From dinner parties to barbecues, fresh, high-quality meat never disappoints. 

Whether you’re in the mood for sustainable beef, free-range poultry or all natural pork, we offer countless meal inspirations. The folks at our meat counter are glad to help with cooking advice or tips for selecting the best cut. We always accept pre-orders or special orders, so please stop in or call your local store.

We’ve developed long-standing relationships—we call them friendships—with the ranchers and farmers that supply us with our local meats. Some of these partnerships date back more than 80 years. It’s this first-name basis that lets us verify where our food is from, a concept that’s important to our family, and we’re sure yours, too. 

Ensuring the meat we provide our customers is sustainably and humanly raised is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we’re proud to partner with companies like Double R Ranch Beef whose commitment to animal welfare was developed by leading industry expert Dr. Temple Grandin, a renowned proponent of animal welfare. Our desire to protect our natural resources is reflected in our efforts to source environmentally sustainable meats from ranches that share our passion for the environment through green programs like renewable hydroelectric power, local crop sourcing, nutrient-rich compost for local farmers, and water reclamation.

To say we’re excited to provide our guests with some of the freshest meat available on the West Coast is an understatement. But that commitment is really best understood at our meat counter. We invite you to come take a look for yourself.

Wholesome Flavors Ready When You Are

In our Chef’s Kitchen we have two goals: make your life easier and your meals more delicious. Whether you want breakfast, lunch or an easy-to-prepare dinner, we offer handmade soups and salads, ready-to-heat-or-eat entrees, sandwiches, exclusive Di Lusso meats and cheeses and much more.

Treat yourself to the homemade flavors of our bustling delicatessen. Whether you’re grabbing a bite for breakfast, gathering with friends for lunch or picking something up for an easy dinner at home, you’ll delight in the many wholesome, delicious recipes developed by our very own Chef James.

Our delicatessen has a bit of everything for everyone. Each of our stores offers a unique deli experience representative of the communities we serve and may include a soup and salad bar, freshly prepared sandwiches, a variety of salads and entrees, rotisserie chicken, an impressive selection of artisan cheeses and more. 

We’re proud to offer premium deli meats and cheeses by Di Lusso Deli Company at all our stores. Di Lusso meats are flavorful, lean, moist, minimally proceed and always free of fillers and binders, nitrates, MSG and gluten. Handmade and aged in the cheese capital of Wisconsin, Di Lusso sliced cheese is smooth and creamy dreaminess—the perfect addition to a wholesome, homemade sandwich.

Liven things up

Haggen’s Floral and Garden specialists will help you add beauty to your home and thriving plants to your garden. From florists who’ll create custom arrangements, to gardening experts who will help you pick the right plants for your situation, we’re here to help.

Brighten someone’s day with colorful cheer from our floral and garden departments. From a perfectly arranged centerpiece to a simple (or extravagant) bouquet to show you care, our in-store and online floral department has you covered. Thanks to our skilled florists, you can find all types of beautiful, long-lasting arrangements or arrange delivery around the globe with our FTD service.

Send Flowers Online

At the front door of many of our stores, you’ll find our lush, 100% local garden department. Each living plant is thriving and ready to find its new home in your garden, container or window box and we can provide suggestions for the best plant choices. All of our plants and flowers are sourced from local growers who know which varieties flourish in each of our unique climates. And our garden experts are full of tips and advice for everyone from the novice gardener to the greenhouse goddess. You’ll be amazed at how your garden grows.

Handpicked for your pantry

At Haggen, we’re famous for our fresh foods on the “outer loop,” but we’re equally committed to offering high quality foods and great values down our inner aisles — like locally made ice cream and snacks, handcrafted pastas and sauces and locally roasted coffee. From organic, gluten-free and non-GMO products to everyday staples, we have everything you need to fill your cart and feed your family well.

Fill your pantry with delicious items we’ve carefully selected just for you. Our Haggen brand items, many of which are locally produced, offer the best of both worlds for affordability and quality. From canned fruits and vegetables, to locally made ice cream, handcrafted pastas and sauces, locally roasted coffee and more, our Haggen label products have been thoughtfully developed and selected to give you superior quality at the right price.

If specialty items are what you’re looking for, Haggen also has you covered. We offer a wide variety of non-GMO, organic, locally-made items, plus a great selection of gluten-free products. Searching for a hard to find ingredient? We love getting special requests and tracking down the item you’re looking for.

Local Favorites

We’ve been partnering with local producers and suppliers since we opened our first store over 80 years ago, so supporting local is second nature to us. Providing our guests with foods grown locally is good for the environment and our local community. To us, it just makes sense. If you have an amazing local product you think we should have on our shelves, please fill out our vendor inquiry form.

Local vendor inquiry form

Organic & Non-GMO Products

We believe in supporting the principles of organic living, so we offer thousands of organic and non-GMO choices. We strive to source organically made and non-GMO verified options whenever we can, so our customers are able to make informed decisions about the food they serve their families. Look for the Non-GMO Project Verified shelf tags for items certified not to contain GMOs. Learn more about the Non-GMO Project.

Beautiful Inside and Out

Haggen’s Health & Beauty experts believe what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. That’s why we offer a wide variety of sustainably produced, natural and organic skin care, hair and body products, like locally made soaps and lotions and lip balm made from local beeswax.

Keeping you healthy and beautiful on the inside with fresh food is just the beginning for us. Our Health & Beauty department also wants to protect you from the outside in, with a wide variety of handpicked natural and organic skin care, hair and body products.

We feature locally made soaps and lotions from local farms that grow the herbs they use in their handcrafted products. We offer lip balms crafted from beeswax that supports healthy bee populations in our region. And we’re proud to partner with organizations that use sustainably harvested ingredients and are Fair Trade Certified, thanks to their commitment to pay fair trade prices and wages.

Many of our stores also offer a full line of homeopathic options for customers interested in a natural approach to their health. All our homeopathic products are sustainably harvested and made from ingredients intended to trigger a natural system of healing.

Whether you’re looking for the gift of relaxation or a little self-pampering, our Health & Beauty department is filled with simple pleasures.


Baked with wholesome ingredients 

Haggen’s Bakery Department is committed to fresh-baked goodness, homemade quality and friendly service. Many of our breads, pies, cakes, donuts and more are all prepared with wholesome ingredients, like real butter, cage-free eggs, non-GMO flour and farm-fresh buttermilk. It’s a difference you’ll taste.

Since 1933, we’ve used only the freshest ingredients in our own scratch baked recipes. As a local neighborhood bakery, our passion is serving our guests with fresh quality and genuine service. If it’s wholesome you’re in the market for, look no further than our freshly baked artisan breads to complete your meal. But it doesn’t end at bread. Our bakery wouldn’t be complete without freshly baked bagels, focaccia, croissants and, of course, a trip to the sweet side for our gourmet cinnamon rolls, donuts, muffins, pies, cakes, scones, cinnamon swirl bread…and we could keep going! And it’s all baked with love and the finest ingredients.

We’re proud to offer our guests items made with whole, simple ingredients like real butter, fresh buttermilk and eggs, and sustainable non-GMO flour that’s grown through no-till farming, which prevents erosion of the land, and reduces fuel consumption and emissions. 

If you’re looking for gluten-free options for health or dietary reasons, we’ve got you covered. Browse our gluten-free section for scrumptious cakes, cookies and breads. 

Call your local Haggen bakery

Have a special occasion coming up? Let our artisan cake decorators design a special creation for your event. Or visit our delectable dessert case to be tempted by our decorators’ fresh daily offering. We’re certain our bakery will inspire and delight.

Farm to market

At Haggen, helping you eat healthy is the most important thing we do. That’s why our Produce Department is such an integral part of every store. We’re dedicated to offering the freshest, just-picked fruits and vegetables available, we’re committed to buying from local growers whenever possible and proudly offer a large selection of organics.

Walk into our produce department and feast your eyes on a bright array of colorful fruits and veggies perfectly ripe for the picking. Browse our crates piled high with freshly picked organic and local produce that’s delivered daily. 

At Haggen, we pride ourselves on bringing in the highest quality foods to our stores in the shortest time possible. But it goes deeper than that. It starts with the soil, water and air. We have profound respect for the hands that plant, nourish and nurture the crops that end up on your table. The freshness of our produce is the direct result of the knowledge and relationships that enable our buyers to pick the best of the harvest.

Curious about a new vegetable variety or looking for a specific fruit? Ask one of our produce employees. We’d love you to see what we can find. We’ve developed a large network of farmers throughout the West Coast to supply our stores with the most abundant, fresh, nutrient-rich selection of seasonal produce. 

Nurturing our partnerships with our farmers is just one more way we’re committed to supporting local communities. We work hard to source our produce from hyper-local farms whenever possible. That means stocking our produce department with fruits and vegetables grown in or around the communities that make up your neighborhood.

Our local producers are an integral part of our own story and future. Browse our Local Producer pages where we’ve cultivated each of our producers’ unique stories. We can’t wait for you meet to them. 

Our Local Northwest Producers

100% Sustainable

as rated by Seafood Watch and partner Eco Certifications

With the standards set in place by Fishwise and Seafood Watch and its trusted Certification partners (MSC, ASC, and BAP), Haggen offers only sustainable fresh seafood. This means you’ll only find seafood that meets Fishwise Seafood Watch and their Eco Certification partners certifications of Green “Best Choice”, Yellow “Good Alternative” and “Good Alternative equivalent or better” in our Seafood Department. Sustainably sourced seafood protects the future availability of seafood as well as the livelihood of fishing communities. You can also feel good about choosing seafood that preserves a balanced ocean environment, which will yield a healthy seafood supply in the future.

What makes seafood sustainable?

To be sustainable, our suppliers provide wild or farmed seafood that can maintain or increase production without jeopardizing the structure and function of existing ecosystems. Fishwise, Seafood Watch and their Eco Certification partners monitor the method, location of harvest and type or method of harvest.

Understanding sustainable labels

Green “Best Choice” labeled seafood poses little to no impact on the environment, future populations and other species. Yellow “Good Alternative” labeled seafood indicates one or more known issues with the fishery yet an improvement plan is in place and this seafood is still a sustainable choice.

best-choice-tag good-alternative-tag






Fresh from our Ocean


By working with suppliers who meet our certification standards “Best Choice” and “Good Alternative”, Haggen only offers eco-friendly fresh seafood choices that are fully traceable all the way through the supply chain with stringent coding practices and documentation.

More about Eco Certifications:

Link to Seafood Watch:

salmon_featurePacific Salmon

We love salmon! Whether it’s fresh or smoked, our seafood counter is stocked with delicious salmon from our icy Pacific waters.

 crab lobster_featureFresh Lobster & Crab

Enjoy our ocean fresh assortment of Dungeness crab and lobster. If it’s an easy meal your after, try our Legendary Crab Cakes made fresh in our store and ready to cook.

shellfish_featureLocal Shellfish

We search the Pacific for the very freshest selection of shellfish. We take pride in our partnerships with local seafood companies who share our passion of sustainability. Visit our Seafood Case to find out about our weekly catch.

shrimp_featureWild American Shrimp

Wild American Shrimp are a particular favorite. These succulent shrimp, harvested from coastal regions where salt and fresh waters combine, are deliciously sweet and flavorful.


Cheers to variety

Haggen’s Beer & Wine specialists will help you find the right libation for any palate, budget or occasion. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or simply watching the game on TV, we offer a wide variety of craft beers and ciders, and wines from around the world and from your region. 

Each bottle of wine, can of beer or jug of cider in our store is carefully selected by our seasoned beer and wine buyer who scours the globe, as well as our own backyard, to bring you the very best selection and variety. With so many choices, selecting the perfect accompaniment to your meal can seem daunting. But have no fear, our skillful and friendly beer and wine specialists are ready to help you find “the one!”

Planning for a crowd? Create your own unique six pack of single craft beers or ciders, or a four pack of wines to make sure your gathering has a little something for everyone. Plus, you’ll get 10% off on your custom pack. 

Pick-a-Pack & Save

If variety is the spice of life, then our beer and wine selection is the liveliest we’ve come across. We always love sharing our newest flavors with our guests, so ask your local store about upcoming tastings and events. We can’t wait to share what we’ve found on the other side of the world and in our very own neighborhood.