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We take care of the place we call home.

We at Haggen take pride in our long history of leading the way in sustainability and conservation. From sourcing and recycling eco-friendly materials to investing in energy efficient lighting and equipment, we love finding new ways to lower our environmental impact, but our most effective initiative by far is one that has been central to our business all along: buying locally.

In addition to minimizing our carbon footprint, buying from nearby farms, fisheries, ranches, wineries and other businesses enables us to delight our guests with an incredible selection of fine local foods while supporting those who serve as environmental stewards to more than 15 million acres of Northwest lands and waters.

Recycling, waste reduction and other environmentally responsible practices have been implemented for many years by Haggen Food & Pharmacy stores in Washington and Oregon.

With headquarters in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, we are well aware of the importance of sustainability and conservation and how much those principles mean to our guests and neighbors. We continuously evaluate and test products to reduce our impact on the environment.