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Gunkel Orchards

The Perfect Maryhill Peach

The sweetest peach you’ll ever eat

Ron & Dan Gunkel

Ron & Dan Gunkel run Gunkel Orchards, a third generation family farm along the Columbia River. Their Maryhill Peaches are some of the best-tasting, sweetest you’ll ever eat, and Gunkel ensures their freshness is maintained during transit on the way to Haggen.

Maryhill Peaches are only handled by expert packers who handpick these delicious peach when they are perfectly tree-ripened and ready to eat. They are handled with care in the field before being rushed to our stores. Maryhill Peaches are only transported once their sugar content, measured by a tool called a refractometer, reaches at least 13%.

With a mouth-watering sweetness and juice that runs off your chin, many of our customers can’t wait to take a bite. But Maryhill Peaches are only available once a year, so stop by to get them before they’re gone!