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Copper River Salmon

Cordova, AK

Sustainably delicious salmon

In mid-May the first salmon of the season return to Copper River in Alaska. Its icy, pure and pristine waters create an environment perfectly suited for Copper River Salmon to develop their renowned flavor and high content of healthy omega-3 oil.

The salmon’s rich flavor isn’t the only thing to look forward too—we Safe Harbor test the seafood with standards even stricter than the FDA so you’re guaranteed a healthy and delicious meal.

Our buyers are dedicated to long-term sustainability and follow regulations from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. ADF&G conducts weekly surveys throughout the Copper River to ensure an adequate number of fish migrate to reproduce each year. (

Knowing that we keep taste, safety and sustainability in mind for you, head down to Haggen to catch the first of the season! It’s the place to go for fresh, wild Alaskan salmon.