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Boxx Berry Farms

Ferndale, WA

Thinking out of the boxx on freshness

Mike & Roger Boxx

Brothers Mike and Roger are the owners of Boxx Berry Farm, originally started by their parents on 20 acres of land in 1960. Despite commercial competition, the family noticed that many people drove in off the road and asked to buy fruit directly from the source. In response, they created a roadside stand to fill the demand, and it was so successful that it eventually called for a permanent building.

As the name suggests, Boxx Berry Farm is primarily dedicated to the cultivation of fresh, flavorful and responsibly-grown berries that are eagerly picked by visitors at the height of the growing season.

Boxx Berry Farm now possesses around 100 acres of land and has become a Northwest agri-tourism attraction. Still emphatic about quality, they pack their produce early in the morning then transport it immediately to Haggen where it is stocked for purchase on the same day.