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Black Market Hot Sauce

Everson, WA

Original-tasting hot sauce made with natural ingredients, artfully combined to create the perfect blend of heat, spice and sweetness. Black Market’s original recipe is hundreds of years old, filling each bottle with passion and flavor. Dan Pike, and business partner Jake Miller, own and operate the Everson hot sauce company taking the Northwest by storm. Inspired by Dan’s Cambodian neighbors’ recipe, they got their start selling bottles of their sauce out of Herb Niemann’s Steak House in Everson and the North Fork Brewery in Deming where they were working.

They steer clear of artificial colors and preservatives, relying instead on fermentation for preservation. Their sauces have earned their place right next the ketchup in almost every local restaurant in the area and now they’re available in all our stores. Learn more about Dan and Jake’s hot sauce endeavors on our blog at http://haggen.comlocal-producers/black-market-hot-sauce/.